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Dmitry I.



Born in 1957 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod), Russia.
Graduated from Radiophysical faculty of the Gorky Lobachevsky State University in 1979.
Till 2000 - Senjor researcher of the
 Institute of Applied Physics
of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Ph. D. in Phys. & Math.

E-mail:  dmitryab@lycos.com

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My family

My family

My wife Elena and daughter Svetlana.
Sept. 1995


Svetlana 2

Svetlana.    Jul. 1998


Svetlana.    Aug. 2000


Sveta and me

Svetlana and me.   Sept. 1999


New Year

Svetlana.    Jan. 1, 2002


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