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A program suite for computer simulation
of sound fields in the ocean

     A program suite for computer simulation of sound fields in the ocean is a kit of several programs, united in the joint group and connected between themselves by unified input and output files. Alongside with well known methods an original (elaborated by the author) one of sound fields calculations in laminate as well as 2-D inhomogeneous ocean. These methods give a wide capability for the regularities study and forecasting of the sound fields forming in natural conditions, as well as for the experiments projection and interpreting. The elaborated method has been found to be especially effective for calculation of sound reverberation in the ocean. A small illustrative material, demonstrating this capability, provided in examples of calculations.

    Calculations methods.

    Two basic methods are used in the program suite.

    1. A well-known method of normal waves (modes), enhanced for the event of arbitrary source directivity, is used for computer simulation of sound propagation in the laminate (1-D inhomogeneous) ocean .

    2. For the case of 2-D inhomogeneous ocean, an original method of non-coherent ray acoustics (NCRA) has been elaborated. This method gives a number of incontestable adventages in comparison with the traditional ray methods, as follows:

    • calculation time is vastly shortenned;
    • all difficulties connected with intensity calculations near caustics disappear;
    • as a result of the calculations you may observe a 2-D picture of sound intensity distribution in Сdistance - depthТ plane;
    • the NCRA method may be quite easy generalized to the case of the 3-D inhomogeneous ocean.

      The above advantages allow the NCRA method to compete cuccessfully with other known approaches, including the acknowleged all over the world parabolic equation method.

    Capabilities of the program suite:

    • Calculation of horizontal and vertical sound intensity profiles, as well as 2-D image in Сdistance - depthТ plane in brightness type with high resolution (see examples).
    • Calculation of sound field interference picture in Сdistance - frequencyТ plane.
    • Free geometry (or directivity) of the sounding and receiving systems.
    • Ray picture visualization during the calculation process.
    • Calculation of rays parameters.
    • Calculation of surface, bottom and volume reverberation levels in bistatic scheme.
    • Hydrology data banks utilization.


    • Theoretical researches of sound fields forming regularities in the ocean.
    • Forecasting of sound energy distribution and reverberation signals in the natural hydrological conditions.
    • Acoustical monitoring.
    • Projection and interpretation of natural experiments.
    • Decision of inverse hydroacoustical tasks Ч determination of the sea medium characteristics using sounding data.


    (some of the papers are available to be downloaded as scanned .bmp images)

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    Download scanned article

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    Download scanned article

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    Download scanned article

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    Download scanned article


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